iOS night: CocoaPods and UIKit Dynamics

Do you have an awesome application and would you like to bring its architecture to the next level? Fabio’s experiences and lessons learned from working on CocoaPods. Making Pods is important for your application’s maintainability and factoring out code with them, even for internal use, might be what you are looking for.

Fabio Pelosin is a software and strategy enthusiast deeply in love with the fascinating changes of technology. In the Objective-C world Fabio has taken CocoaPods to the next level, applying his business management studies to the cacophony of a large community; while keeping the community focussed on the loving spirit of the OSS world.

UIKit Dynamics lets you mimic real-world effects such as gravity in your animations.

Renzo is an iOS developer since 2009. He is co-founder of #pragma mark association.

Update (October 31, 2013)