How do I "think in Angular" if I have a jQuery background?

Matteo will talk about AngularJS.

There’s a set of logics you apply everyday using jQuery that you must trash in order to enter the frontend frameworks mindset and in particular AngularJS’s one. The talk is a starting point to help you to move from the jQuery world to single page application frameworks.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google. From angularjs.org:

AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps.

Declarative templates with data-binding, MVW, MVVM, MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript!

Matteo will introduce AngularJS, than with a couple of demos we’ll go through bi-directional data binding, controllers, and other core parts of the framework.

We’ll dive into real life examples to understand the core concept of directives, the common ground between AngularJS and jQuery world.

If you’re passionate about frontend development tomorrow at 7:00 PM at Serra (H-Farm) you can’t miss this event.

Update (October 4, 2013)