Meetings[2]: Web Typography and TDD with JavaScript

This was the first Hackatron meeting broadcasted via Google Hangout, you can see the recorded event at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnS6rukwXzo (ita).

TDD and Continuous Integration with JavaScript

With the birth of the full-client applications and other technologies such as nodejs, JavaScript has finally earned the respect it deserves, and JavaScript programmers are increasingly focused on the use of techniques to improve the code they write.


The topic of Matteo Rosati’s speech is TDD, or “test driven development”, a process of software development that promotes code modularity and minimizes the risk of regressions when developing complex software.

The initial part of the speech introduces some general terms of TDD, and right after these concepts are glued together with some practical examples that the speaker develops during a live coding session.

All the examples use the Jasmine framework and the Karma test runner. These two useful tools can work together to provide an integrated environment for the execution of unit tests in JavaScript.

Continuous Integration

Finally, Matteo puts all these things together to get Jenkins fully configured and set-up to provide a continuous integration environment.

The presentation is available here (ita) as a Google Drive presentation.

Web Typography

Web designers should attempt to think more about HTML and CSS instead using just Photoshop and Illustrator (their typography rules are focused on print rather than browsers).

Francesco Fraioli makes some considerations about web designer skills and role, the gap between graphic design and front-end, and an introduction to elements of web typography.

The presentation is available here (eng) as a Slideshare presentation.