Node.js Conf 2012

Saturday 10th of November me (@johnnyaboh) and Devis (@batdevis) went to Brescia to attend the Node.js Conf 2012.

It’s been a great opportunity to get a lot of useful advices and we met new and old friends.

There was Max Bruning talking about using DTrace and mdb to do in-situ and post-mortem debugging of real-time apps, Glenn Block and Luciano Colosio speaking about running your node.js app on Windows Azure infrastructure with an example showing Save The Mom app architecture.

Felix Geisendörfer talked about javascript performances compared to C while developing the MySQL driver for node.js and gave an introduction to benchmarking and data analysis techniques.

Sergi Mansilla, Richard Rodger talked about node.js apps in production at large scale with products such as Cloud9 IDE and businesspost.ie and Andrew Nesbitt covered some ways to integrate different types of tools made with node with existing legacy applications.

We talked also about node.js and hardware integration with Simone Chiaretta and his open source underwater vehicle called OpenROV and internet of things with Matteo Collina about qest.me: a MQTT protocol broker written in javascript.

Honor mentions go to Sam Reghenzi who started a couple of flames with his shareable complains about node.js and Golo Roden with a talk about empathic testing using his new library intent.js.

It’s been great also to see Luca Lanziani (@Nss), Gianluca Stivan (@yawnt) and Filippo De Pretto (@filnik90).

Node.js is getting a lot of attention here in Italy thanks to events such the Node.js Conf and we’re grateful to the guys at WEBdeBS who made this possible.