DaBomb: Hackatron's project for Hackitaly at H-farm

Today Hackatron team is attending Hackitaly 2012 at H-farm.

Hackitaly is “the first geek event Made in Italy”, a unique event in Italy where the hacker attitude is strong but the hacker community is scattered. It’s a great chance to meet people you always chat or tweet with and to have fun coding and hacking.

We developed a game for iPhone called DaBomb. It’s a multiplayer game where two players challenge each other. After pairing with another device you and your opponent have to defuse a bomb, the fastest wins. A simple but addictive game inspired by Ready Steady Bang.

Giovanni and Matteo made the server: a Sinatra app, they used Redis as storage engine and hosted the app at Heroku. You can find source code of DaBomb server at http://github.com/hackatron/dabomb-server.

Nebil and Nicola worked on the client, the iPhone app.

Here’s a screenshot of the working prototype taken from Nicola’s iPad:

DaBomb app screenshot